Why does the Google Search app have a black background?

I love the new Search app, but I’ve been frustrated by the black background it provides on my devices.

I don’t mind the blackness, but when I tap on an image or video thumbnail, it immediately goes into a dark background.

When I look at the search icon in the top right corner, the image or thumbnail is white, and the search bar appears to be floating in the middle of the screen.

The image or clip I’m trying to search for doesn’t appear at all, and I’m left with the impression that the app is blacked out.

To be clear, this is not an issue with the Search app.

Google Search’s black backgrounds are just a design choice, and not a bug.

I’ve always preferred a simple, solid-colored interface with an easy-to-read navigation bar.

But Google’s design choices on the Search icon and the Search bar are jarring, and frustrating.

I know that Google is using the black backgrounds to create a sense of immersion in search results, but the effect is distracting.

I’m still not convinced that Google’s dark navigation bar is the right choice for Google Search.