Photographer wins jewelry photo contest

Photographer Ross Franklin was crowned the winner of a jewelry photography contest sponsored by the Jewelry Photographers Guild (JPG) last week, with his stunning images capturing the stunningly beautiful jewelry that is a major part of American culture.

Franklin won the $1,000,000 National Jewelry Photo Contest for his stunning photography, which captures the breathtakingly beautiful jewellery that is the centerpiece of American life.

Franklins photograph, which he captured during the annual JPG International Photo Contest, shows the beauty and wonder of the jewelry world and the beauty of life.

In his photograph, Franklin takes a series of photographs of his wife’s necklace and jewelry and places them in the background of his subjects’ everyday lives.

The winning photograph of the contest, entitled ‘Caring for a Jewellery Show’, captured Franklin capturing the beauty in the life of a man who lives by his ideals and values.’

I hope it brings awareness to the fact that there are no perfect jewellery shows,’ Franklin said in a statement.

‘It is important for us to share the beauty that lies in the jewellery industry with the world.

It is also important for jewellers to share with the public the beauty they create in their own lives.’

When we look at the world, we see beauty in our own eyes.

The beauty that comes from love and the joy of life.’