‘Wedding dress’ for wedding Photographer’s daughter caught in underwater photograph

The photographer of this wedding dress for her father’s daughter has been caught in a photo.

The photograph, taken on June 10 in the Caribbean island of St Maarten, shows a woman dressed in a white and blue dress with a yellow and red flower pattern on the bodice and sleeves, and a blue-and-yellow bow with a white trim and a black flower pattern.

Her father’s son, a former marine, said he took the photo with a mobile phone while the couple were walking to the sea to celebrate their engagement.

“My daughter, who I met in the water at a wedding last week, had been caught by a wave,” the photographer said.

“I had been working in a wedding in the sea and when I went to take this picture I realised my daughter was in the middle of the sea.”

It was very surreal.

“We got the wedding dress from the receptionist who I had been to see yesterday and the next day I saw it again on the beach.”

When we got it back to my home, my daughter had a heart attack.”‘

Frightening’ The photographer said he was “frightened” at the way the image had been used by the media and the media “tried to sensationalise it” in the New York Times and the Washington Post.”

The first thing they wanted to do was publish the image of my daughter on the front page of the New Yorker,” he said.

The photographer said his daughter had recently moved from her home in Puerto Rico to the United States, where her father had been stationed.”

But I am so relieved she is still with me here and has been welcomed into my home and my family,” he added.”

That was really frightening for me.