Wedding photos price increases amid recession

A new survey from WeddingLens shows that the cost of wedding photography is up over the past two years.

According to the survey, wedding photographers are paying more to produce wedding photos, with an average increase of $18 per photo.

The survey also shows that wedding photographers want to be able to shoot more weddings in one weekend, with a typical increase of about $5.10.

The average photographer said that he or she is looking to shoot a wedding with a larger number of people, with more than 10 people, and that this is what they are looking for.

WeddingLens also found that the average wedding photographer wants to have more professional photos, and want to have their photos professionally cropped, sharpened, and toned.

A few wedding photographers say that their clients don’t like the way their photos look, and they are often asked to change their photos for them.

The biggest issue, however, for some wedding photographers is that they don’t get paid enough to afford to hire professional photographers.