What you need to know about baby photography and food photography tips

A good mother has to be patient and not be too demanding about how she shoots a baby, says photographer and food blogger Michelle LeBlanc.

“It’s not a matter of if you’re going to have a baby but when, so you need time and patience,” she says.

“When you’re not busy, you can work on your baby.”

LeBlanc also points out that while many mothers shoot babies in their own home, it’s also important to use a child-safe lens.

“I find I often use my iPhone camera when shooting my baby, and I think it makes the process a lot easier,” she explains.

“The first time I shot a baby with my iPhone I was terrified.

But the second time I did it, I had no problem with the outcome.

I don’t know why it’s so important to shoot a baby without a child in the frame, but I find that it helps a lot when you’re working with a child, or you have someone who doesn’t like babies.”

LeBleanc is also passionate about her own family’s parenting style, and says she’s learnt a lot from her time working with her parents.

“My parents are very, very nurturing and loving.

When I was younger I thought they were super boring, but then I grew up and I realised that they’re a really special person.

When they’re having a conversation or having a chat, they make me laugh.”

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