The 25 Most Powerful Photographers on Earth

I have a hard time saying that this is my favorite photojournalist, but the one I most admire and admire is Robert Mapplethorn, who shot some of the most beautiful and moving images of the last two decades in New York.

Mappleathorn was a photographer at Getty Images for a few years, and he was one of the founding photographers of the Photographic Society of America (PSA), and he also taught photography to the PSA in the 1960s.

Mice were used to test the effects of exposure on a series of subjects, and Mappleatt was also a member of the PSAA’s committee on the use of color.

The PSA has been around since 1923 and Mappothorn was its first president.

He was a brilliant photographer, and I think he really had the vision to take this huge, wide open cityscape in the middle of the night and take the images that are still important to us today.