George Flo, the first gay man to get married in Ireland

One of Ireland’s most prominent gay photographers, George Flo (1955-2015), died on Tuesday aged 85.

The first gay married man in the country was also the first to marry in the city of Kildare, and was born in a convent in the town of Co. Kildáin in 1920.

The former photographer for the Sunday Independent newspaper, Mr Flo said he was the “greatest Irish photographer”.

“I am very honoured to have known him, and he was one of the great Irish photographers,” he said.

“I met him while I was in the United States in 1975, and I saw him in Dublin and he invited me to his wedding in Dublin in 1979.”

I was shocked when I got married.

I didn’t know him at all, but he was just a great man.

“Mr Flo, who is survived by his wife Helen, a former Irish international, and son Richard, was born into a family of musicians and artisans.

He was a very nice, very polite man and he had a great sense of humour,” Mr Flo told The Irish News last week. “

The first time I met him was at a reception he organised in Dublin.

He was a very nice, very polite man and he had a great sense of humour,” Mr Flo told The Irish News last week.

“When I met George, he was quite young, he said, ‘I am just a photographer.

I’m not gay, I’m a photographer, just a normal person’.” He said he came to Ireland in the late 1960s with his family and had to find a job.

I was very unhappy. “

He was working for the Irish Times, which I didn´t like.

I was very unhappy.

He said, if you want to be a photographer you have to work for the newspaper, which is quite hard.”

He left in 1978 and worked for the National Archives of Ireland.

Mr Flo returned to Ireland with his partner in 1983 and began working as a photojournalist.

He became the director of the National Gallery of Ireland in 1987 and was named its photographer in 1989.

In 2010, he published a book, A Photo Story, documenting his time in Ireland.

In 2015, he died in Dublin of natural causes.

Mr Floor has been described as “a pioneer of photography in Ireland” and was one the founders of the Dublin photography society, the Society of Photographically-Inspired People.

“George Flo was a pioneer of photographic photography in the Irish Republic,” said the society’s president, Paul O’Connell.

“And I am proud of him.”

‘There was never any doubt’ about the relationship “I knew there was always a possibility of a homosexual relationship and there was never a doubt that it was possible.

It was not even a matter of debate at all,” he told The Independent.

Mr O’Brien said Mr Flo “was very open, very open about his sexuality”.

“He knew that it wasn’t the case, and that there was no doubt about it.

It is the greatest Irish photographer of all time,” he added.

We will miss George.”