The ‘baby’ in a new font

The new font for the Washington Times magazine, the first to be released under the new management, is a design inspired by baby dolls.

The new design features geometric shapes and patterns that mimic the shape and texture of baby hair, the new magazine said Thursday.

The logo is a blue and white font with the words “The Washington Times.”

“The Washington Post is celebrating the birth of its 10th child,” the paper said in a statement Thursday.

“The font is designed to celebrate the unique qualities of each baby, including their individuality, which we hope will resonate with readers across the country.”

The new font will be available to subscribers in September and will be the new default font for The Washington Post.

“The new new design will be in the new-style font family that includes “The Post,” “The New York Times,” “Washington Post,” and “The Economist.

“The magazine, which launched in 1993, is owned by Hearst Newspapers.

The move follows a yearlong review by the company, which said it needed to change how the paper is marketed to attract younger readers.

Hearst, which is owned in part by Hearn Corp., said in August it was exploring options for a new publisher.

Hearn said in December that it would be launching a new company, Hearst Communications Inc., to focus on media and digital content.

The company said it had no immediate comment on the new font.

The Washingtonian, the newspaper’s predecessor, had its own redesign in 2017.

In January, Hearth bought The Washingtonian’s parent company, Washington Post Media Group, and the two companies are now the main publishing entities for the paper.