How to get a photo book for your wedding reception

The wedding photographer, a freelance writer and a writer in photography, has been blogging for almost five years and has been featured in the Huffington Post, the New York Times, and on several national television programs.

She’s also worked with other photographers and other writers to create wedding photography products.

Here are her top tips for getting the most out of your wedding photography package: 1.

      Get a digital photo book that you will be proud to bring home.

  The first thing I would do is choose a digital photograph book.

I think the best thing you can do is get a book that has a digital format and it’s an image book. 2.

     Go to a book club.

You will need to go to a wedding photography book club to meet people, discuss what to shoot and where to shoot it. 3.

    Create a photography style guide.

  If you’re a writer or a writer-in-photography, a style guide can help you create an image that fits your story and your style.  4.

          Get a wedding photo book with a digital print and a digital image. 

You may be surprised at how much more effective the digital photo is than the printed one.


     Get a high quality digital camera.

  There’s no way around it, the quality of the digital image is going to make a big difference in how your photos are looking. 6.

                         Get your photos professionally printed.

  Get a professional photographer that has the equipment to print the photos you want and you’ll have your best digital photo ever.

 7.                        Choose a photo package that suits your style and style. 

If you want to make it look like your wedding is bigger, have the groom wear a big dress, have a different set of clothes, or have a separate reception for different guests, you need to create a different package. 


  Make sure you have a good photographer in the room with you.

  Do not let your photographer tell you that the best photographer is not good enough for the right project.

The photographer needs to know what your vision is.

If you are going to have a small reception, a professional photographers kit is essential. 


      Get a big, digital photo.

 If you’re going to be taking the wedding pictures for your website or for your blog, get a big-format camera.

If your photos will be featured on TV or print, you may want to get an even bigger camera. 


  Find a wedding photographer who has a wide variety of subjects.

  A photographer with a lot of subjects to shoot will create the best digital images. 

11.                    Make sure your wedding photos are professional.

  Make sure that your photos look professional, professional in the best way possible. 


  Go to the wedding reception.

Make sure the photographer and the groom are in the same room. 


  Create a wedding website. 

Use a WordPress theme.

Create your wedding website with a WordPress plugin. 


  Choose a wedding reception dress. 

 Get a wedding dress made by a professional tailor.

Make sure the dress is made with the best fabrics possible. 


  Start shooting your wedding. 

Start shooting your pictures of your guests and your wedding guests and send them to your wedding photographer and let them shoot. 


  Use your wedding as a wedding showcase.

 Make your wedding a showcase for your guests, your wedding party and your guests’ guests to come and experience the wedding. 


  Plan your wedding day and your reception day.

 You want to have your guests come out, meet the wedding guests, and then leave with their pictures of the guests. 


  Put your wedding pictures on your website.

 Use the wedding website template, or your own wedding website to create your wedding theme. 


  Follow your wedding blog.

 It’s important to follow your blog and to keep your blog updated. 


  Blog about your wedding night. 

A wedding blog post will help you with your social media strategy. 


  Be an inspiration to your guests.

 Create a website with your wedding story and share your story with the world. 


  Join a wedding blogging club.

 Join a wedding writing group. 


  Write a wedding story. 

Write a wedding blog, or create your own blog and publish it. 


  Share your wedding with your friends.

 When your wedding gets on social media, share your wedding in a post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 


  Talk to your friends about your ceremony. 

When your guests go to your ceremony, invite them to check out your wedding on social networks. 


  Keep your guests happy.