Digital Photography: The Light Box for Maternity Photography

Maternity photography has been around for a long time, but now it’s becoming easier and easier for women to capture the perfect photo without having to take a whole lot of expensive lenses and equipment.

There’s no need to spend hours and hours on the phone and expensive lenses.

It’s so easy, in fact, that I can easily find myself capturing images of my own child without even taking a single step.

It feels like a natural part of being a mom. 

What’s more, thanks to the rise of smartphones and the rise in digital photography that’s become a popular hobby for many moms, women are finding that the light box is a great way to take great photos of their babies without a whole ton of expensive equipment.

It can even be used for more than just baby photos, such as making sure your baby doesn’t get in the way of a light source. 

So, how do you start capturing a photo without any expensive gear?

Here are three simple steps to take when it comes to taking great pictures of your newborn. 


Choose a Light Box to Use It’s easy to find light boxes online, but if you don’t have one, you can always grab one for free. 

It’s one of the most commonly used light boxes, and there are several models available for different budgets and sizes.

I recommend using a small one, like the One Lightbox that comes with a camera or a full-size one, such that you can take up less than a third of the space in your room. 


Take Photos With Your Hands, Not a Lightbox I don’t mean you should throw the baby onto the floor and shoot the baby in the light.

There are times when I feel like it’s best to use my hands to take the photo, which is exactly what I do.

The trick is to make sure your hands don’t block the light and that the photos aren’t too blurry. 


Make Sure the Baby Is in the Frame While it’s okay to take photos of the baby as they’re in the cradle, if you’re trying to get the perfect shot, make sure you keep your baby out of the frame.

If you have a baby who can’t see you or doesn’t react to the light, it’s probably because they’re still in the crib.

If your baby is in a safe place and you don.t have to worry about them getting too close to the camera, it might be best to focus on their face and not your baby. 

The Light Box and Baby Photographer Tips for Better Baby Photos You can also try out some of the other tips I have listed in the article above to make it easier to get a baby shot without a light box. 

When you’re looking for a great light box, consider this: if your baby can’t even see the camera when you take the picture, you may have an issue with the lighting on the lightbox.

You may need to adjust the lights on the box in order to get an accurate photo. 

If you’re not using a lightbox, it may be easier to use a smaller light box like the Baby Photographer Light Box.

If it’s too big, it can cause a blurry photo.

And if you have baby who doesn’t respond to the lights, you might have to get them into the frame to make a good shot. 

Here are some tips that I found helpful to make taking a baby photo easier: 1 Keep the baby away from the light source If you’re using a big light box that takes up more than a quarter of the room, keep the baby out so that you don`t have a blurred image. 

Your baby might react to light by blinking, opening their mouth, or turning their head in an uncomfortable manner.

You want to keep them away from all of these. 

You can also check out my video to see how to take an easy baby photo in less than two minutes. 

Don’t forget to check out the Light Box Tutorial for more tips. 

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