How to make a beautiful home photo with your own lens

In an attempt to keep their house as picturesque as possible, this couple have painted a large number of houses with their own lens, creating the perfect home backdrop for their home.

Photography teacher at St. Columba’s College in Dublin, Fiona Maclaren, says she is inspired by the traditional painting technique of placing the paintbrush over the surface of the canvas.

“I love to create images and images of landscapes, I love the landscape and the image of a house.

It’s a lot about the composition and the way the image is created, it’s not a simple brush on a canvas,” she said.”

It’s more about what the image would look like, I would love to paint a picture of a woman in a red dress and a young boy playing on a green lawn, that would be very romantic.”

To create the perfect backdrop for a photograph, she said, the couple used an 8mm Leica Mark III with a 24mm lens, and a customisable tripod.

“The only problem was the lens, because of the paint brush and the paint, it was not sharp enough.

So we had to find a better lens, but it was a great way of capturing the image,” she explained.”

With this lens, I could have used a Canon 35mm but it’s a much bigger focal length so it didn’t work very well.”

It is one of many ways that Maclanys creative process has led to their own photographs of homes.

“There is a lot of colour and movement in the background, so we had this big palette, and I think the idea of using colour is very important for people to see their own work,” she added.

“We use colour to create space in the photograph, it gives you the feeling that there is a scene or the scene is a reflection of what’s around you.”