A few more ghosts at your fingertips

The ghost of a student who disappeared from a New York City school nearly 30 years ago has been recovered and returned to the school.

In July, the New York Daily News reported that a group of students were using a video camera at the Columbia University School of Journalism and Mass Communication when they discovered a strange sight: a woman’s face with an eerie look.

The video showed the woman, who was wearing a school uniform and holding a pen, standing behind a desk with a flashlight.

She wore a long black wig and was walking toward them with a camera.

She looked like she had recently stepped out of a ghost storybook.

The school told the Daily News the student, identified only as Jane Doe, was “unidentified and unidentified” and that she “had been missing for a long time.”

The student and her family filed a lawsuit against Columbia, the school and the student’s teacher.

But a lawsuit filed by the family is expected to go to trial later this month.

In August, Columbia announced that the student had been identified and was being reunited with her family.

The New York Times reported that the school was looking for a new teacher to replace the one who disappeared nearly 30 year ago.

The story of the school’s search for Jane Doe was reported by the Daily Mirror, the Guardian and the Washington Post in 2014.

The students and school officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the lawsuit.