How to capture snow and ice in your photos

Posted June 29, 2018 12:42:20 A snowfall of ice and snow can be just as stunning as the gorgeous beauty of the sunsets, but there are some things to keep in mind when shooting.

Here are some tips for how to capture the snow in your shots.

Snow is light, so its easier to capture on the camera lens.

Light falls on the image when the camera is focused at the camera’s shutter speed.

If you want to capture more detail, make sure the subject is in the centre of the frame.

If the camera needs to focus on the foreground, it’s better to zoom in to make it more visible.

The same applies for your focus, make it as close as possible to the subject, so that the subject appears to be in the foreground.

The best way to get the snow to show is to shoot in the background.

Shoot a wide shot to show off the landscape.

You can then move the camera up to get a shot of the snow as it falls.

You’ll see more of the effect of the light on the snow, and it’s easier to focus your lens on the subject when it’s in the sky.

Snowfall will also help your subject stand out from the background, as well as make the snow appear larger in the frame and create more contrast in the image.