The Lad: The Latest News on Drone Photography

The latest news from the world of drone photography, plus an exclusive interview with the creators of the world’s first drone photography magazine.

The Lad, launched in 2010 by former Air Force intelligence officer and current CNN contributor, John Pilger, is the world-leading publication for drone photography.

It is also the only publication with a fully integrated drone photography platform, which gives readers the ability to browse and share images from drone cameras as well as their own work, for example using Instagram or Flickr.

In a recent interview with The Lad’s creators, we learn about the company’s future plans and what makes The Lad unique.

Here’s what we learned from our conversation with John Pilgers creator, John.

The Laid Back WorldOf drone photography in general, I think drone photography has grown out of the desire to capture the world in all its glorious, beautiful splendor, and not just the cities.

When I started writing about drone photography I didn’t have a specific focus, but when I started flying drones I realized that the idea of flying in a drone was something that was really exciting to me.

I was always curious to see what would happen if I did fly in a robot, and the drone was my perfect opportunity to do that.

It’s a great thing that we have drones, and they allow us to do amazing things.

When you look at the way that people in the drone industry have been using drones in the past few years, the biggest thing I noticed is that they are becoming more like traditional media: they are a bit more of a mass media device, and more of an opportunity for the public to have access to images.

There is a lot of interest in that, and I think that is really great.

In the last five years, drones have become more of this mass media object, but in some ways they are just as important for the future of drone technology as traditional media.

The World of Drone Photography in the Digital AgeOf course, when we talk about drones in general and the media that we use for them, there are all kinds of things that have changed.

For example, there is a huge change in how people are accessing and using these technologies.

There are new platforms that allow for people to upload and share their images.

People are now able to share their content on social media, and there are also new apps that allow people to make and share drone images.

In the last decade or so, people have also started to realize that drones are really great for video production.

People have used drones for filmmaking and editing in the same way that they have used cameras and lenses for making movies.

They have started to start getting interested in producing films with drones, which is great.

There’s so much potential in the future.

When I was working at CNN, I had a lot more exposure to the technology, but I wasn’t really a journalist.

I thought drones were cool, but not a major contributor to news coverage, so it was kind of a weird experience.

It wasn’t until I started working at The Lad that I really got into drone photography and I realized how important drones were for people.

It’s great that we can get this technology and the power of it in the hands of people that want to share and use it.

And I think it’s very exciting.

The Next Generation of Drone TechnologyIn the next five to ten years, we have a number of technologies that we know will really take off and change how we produce and edit, and we have some really good examples of that.

I think the thing about drones is that we haven’t really had an opportunity to look at how we are going to use them to help us in that future.

The world is going to change.

We can’t afford to sit back and wait.

We have to do something now.

There’s this idea of, if we are ever going to have this sort of massive social media presence, we need to do it all digitally.

The internet was a very, very big thing.

We’re in a very different era now where the internet is something that we all use every day, and people are all using their devices all the time.

And the drones are just another way to be able to communicate with each other and to create new types of interactions that are very much going to affect the way we communicate and how we do business.

I think the next generation of drone technologies is going do a lot to redefine how we interact with each and every one of our devices, and also how we get information from our devices.

We’re seeing a lot right now, and some of the really cool things are really interesting and are happening now.

For me, the most exciting thing right now is the ability of drones to take the first step in creating a real-time social media community around the news and the world around you.

You can find images and videos from other people all around the world on the internet, and that is a really