Christmas photo contest highlights the beauty of nature

Christmas photos have become a major part of the annual festival in many parts of the world, with the theme “Beauty of Nature” being one of the mainstays.

The popular festival in India celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and celebrates the arrival of the Nativity.

It also brings out some of the best beauty of the Indian landscape and provides many opportunities for photographers to showcase their skills.

The contest, which started on November 20 and runs till December 1, features over 150 photos of different places and time period, with a prize of Rs 5 lakh being awarded to the winning entry.

The winning entry is entitled “The Christmas Eve” and it features a young girl, a man and a cow.

In another photo, the young girl and a young man are seen with a tree and the cow in the background.

Another photo, entitled “Beautiful Christmas Tree”, is titled “Christmas Tree for Thee”.

It shows a woman standing at the tree with a child on her lap and her husband holding a broom.

The winner will be announced on December 1.

The theme of the contest is “Beautys of Nature”, which is inspired by the story of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Mary is said to have found a Christmas tree with the help of her friend who is a tree builder and took care of it.