Woman caught up in a sex sting at a hotel

A man has been arrested in India after he allegedly caught the eye of a hotel maid at a local hotel.

The 32-year-old man, who was in a compromising position, has been charged with indecent behaviour with a minor, police said on Friday.

The man is reportedly in a hotel room with a female guest and the woman is being kept there by another guest.

Police said the maid approached the hotel room where the suspect was sleeping, and asked him to leave, saying she had been summoned to report a rape.

The suspect complied, police added.

The maid reported the matter to police, and later contacted the police station.

The hotel staff told the police the man was acting suspiciously and had to be escorted from the room, the police said.

The alleged crime took place in January, police told AFP.

Police are investigating whether the man had sex with the maid, the AFP news agency reported.