What we know about the man behind the haunting photos of a missing New Jersey boy

There are few people more hauntingly aware of what is happening to children in this country than Joe Penney.

He has been shooting creepy images of children in and around New Jersey for the past 25 years.

He says he is a human being.

Penney says the images are there to help people and children who are experiencing trauma, and he’s not alone in his belief.

The images are a source of hope.

Penneys parents have been missing since May of this year, and his father, a father of five, has been missing for almost a month.

Penning, an insurance agent, said he has been searching for his son, who went missing in the summer of 2015.

Penneys mother was last seen leaving the family home on Aug. 6.

He was last spotted in the area of Fort Myers, Florida, on Aug