Why you should take a photo of your tattoos in your car

The tattooing craze has taken a strange turn this year.

Photographer John Matson took a photo for a feature article in The Times last week of a tattoo on his forearm that had to be removed.

He wrote: “My wife and I had planned to tattoo the article.

But our tattoo artist said, ‘I’m going to have to make it so it’s not visible.’

She then made a tattoo of a letter in the letterbox with a tiny star on it.”

In another photo, Matson wrote, “I’ve had this tattooed to mark the anniversary of my wife’s birth.

The star is the last word I’ve written, in the year 2020.”

A similar story appeared in the New York Times a few weeks later.

The caption read, “On my wrist, I have written the last four words of my life.

This has been a reminder of her birthdays.

I have been thinking about this tattoo for the last six months.”

More than 300 people have also commented on Matson’s photo, and several people have tried to tattoo their names onto it.

Matson told Wired that he doesn’t think his tattoo has a political message, though it might be interesting to see how the tattooing community responds.

He said that he has been inspired by the success of tattoos on people with cancer and diabetes.

“The story behind the tattoo has nothing to do with politics,” he said.

“I feel like I’ve been a victim of political tattooing.

But it was a really good story to tell, so I decided to share it.”

Tattooing in general is not a politically charged thing,” Matson said.”

I think it’s a natural reaction to the experience of being in this country.

I think that’s what people do.

I feel like tattoos are an expression of that.

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