What’s in a name?

The Lidless Ballot is a short documentary by Austin-based photographer and filmmaker James D. Wilson, who documents his fascination with what he calls the “Lidless” ballot, which is an election system that essentially eliminates ballot counts when all candidates run simultaneously.

Wilson argues that it’s a system that works because it allows for the possibility of an “automated vote” instead of a voter-verified paper ballot.

Wilson’s work has been featured on Vice and Slate.

He recently made the documentary Ballot.

The documentary also includes interviews with a variety of luminaries in American photography, including Jim Jarmusch, Andy Warhol, and James Baldwin.

Wilson has made a series of films on the history of election technology, including The Ballot and Ballot Politics, which focuses on the use of electronic ballots.

Wilson says the film is about the history and politics of the ballot, and why it has remained a “vague and largely neglected topic in American politics” for decades.

The Lids is out now.